“We bring to the table the knowledge of tra-dition, family and love.
A knowledge which is flavor: the flavor of simplicity ”

La nostra Pasta

100% Italian wheat

Pure spring water

Bronze dies

Slow drying process

Prodotti di qualità IGP


Il Re della Pasta’s Gragnano Pasta is certi-fied by the Consortium for the Production of the PGI Gragnano Pasta.

Il racconto di una tradizione buona davvero

In Gragnano, the well-known City of Pasta, two young entrepreneurs, moved by the passion for their land and tradition of the local cuisine and in particular of PGI Pasta of Gragnano, in 2013 founded “Il Re della Pasta” Srl.

La dispensa: un’officina del gusto nella nostra azienda

we love gathering in our laboratory to taste, try out and share ideas and opinion on our products by putting ourselves at the fore-front.
We cook behind the stove and taste sitting at the table, everyday we practice the art of hospitality by welcoming our customers from all over the world. We firmly believe that a taste is worth a thousand words.